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Full-Time Blogger

Well, with all the work I’ve been doing lately and keeping up with all my “social networking” it’s been extremely difficult to do ANYTHING else! So I’m going to leave this blog open, but I’ll be switching to the other blog full-time. I’ll list all my available links in case you’re interested, I’d love the “Like” on Facebook, a “Follow” on Twitter, or a “Subscribe” on my blog! Either way, keep up! Cause lots of new things are happening!!


Posted by: lezleelliott | July 19, 2010

Moving Forward

Well my life has taken a hard right turn… Alot has changed in the last few weeks. Since being let go from ThemeNaps I have decided to take myself down the licensed illustration road. In doing so, I’ve developed a portfolio, here, and I’ve gone to the Atlanta Gift Show at AmericasMart and met a bunch of people. I networked, and made appointments, met some very nice people and lots of potential clientele. I had a HUGE response to my portfolio, all good things, and am now settling in to figure out what happens next!

I’ve also had a few job offers, which is great, that I’m looking forward to discovering more about and seeing if there’s a “best fit” for me.

For now, all things I was doing, personal project-wise, have been put on hold. I’ve done so much in a matter of a month that I’ve lost track of A LOT of other things. I barely get the dishes done… Oy…

I’m gonna suggest, for timesake, that you switch to THIS blog in order to keep up with what’s going on. I appreciate your dedication to knowing whas’ up with me, and I can’t wait to share with you all the great things going on thru lezleelliott!! 🙂

Posted by: lezleelliott | June 28, 2010

Jumping on that Train

Well it seems as though slowly but surely I’m building up this portfolio for licensed illustration. I’m choosing not to reveal anything until I put up the website portfolio… so friends and family are chomping at the bit to see this stuff. But I have to make sure that all of the ideas are mine and I’m not influenced by too many voices… after all, if this does happen, I can’t call a group inspiration meeting everytime I get a project!! I need to be sure I can rely on my own brain and creativity to make this happen.

I did however, start a new blog to document my journey to full-time illustration. If you’re interested, please visit I posted my first post today!

I’m sure these two blogs may intertwine, and there may be a time when I abandon this blog and move solely to that one. Don’t worry it’s not cause this blog cheated on me… or that I’m cheating on it… I just may not have time!

I’m still unemployed, because I’m actively creating this portfolio, but I did just apply for a job, about 5 minutes ago! Hah! I’ll let you know if anything comes of it… Though I’m really not sure… The funny thing is, one of the girls I was previously working with has applied at the same company for a different position (that’d be awesome to work with her again). So I’m keeping fingers crossed. I look at it like, I probably need to find a job because I’m not sure I’ll be an “overnight success” with illustrating. I’ve read where other illustrators took 3 years for it to become an active, constant business!!! 3 YEARS! A few others it only took a year, but still 1 YEAR! I can’t go without money for that long! So let’s hope this job brings something good to me!!!

Gotta run for now, be back soon with more updates and hopefully more interesting info and photos for you!

Posted by: lezleelliott | June 18, 2010

Latest and Greatest

Oy… My last post was May 19th…

There’s been along going on in my life lately. And it’s only June 18th… Eesh…

Currently I have left ThemeNaps, but still in touch for freelance. I am attempting to jump start myself into a new career as a Licensed Illustrator. While looking for an actual job to support me while I “jump”. While filling out unemployment information…

I have not had the chance to use my camera in the last couple weeks so I’m behind on my life details, which is a shame… I will catch up though!

Last weekend I dropped my phone in the lake while getting up from sunbathing on a dock… never recovered. So had to re-activate my old phone until August.

Otherwise, I’m doing good… I have successfully lost 10 pounds and I’m still exercising, even though on Sunday I jammed my toe so bad it’s black… but I still played water volleyball right after (it was an awesome game). I am really feeling good about myself these days, but somehow I’ve become super clumsy.

I’ve got lots more to say, post, talk about… and I know you’re just dying to know all about it! But I gots to run, I have to be disciplined and work for myself right now, so I can’t be lollygaggin around on the computer! There’s too much to do!

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 19, 2010

Details of My Life – Week 20

Week 20 – “Acrylic”

Just set up my studio this past weekend, love being organized. Here are my acrylic paints…

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 19, 2010

Details of My Life – Week 19

Week 19 – “Orch”

These flowers are next to our TV and I love to look at them. Again, trying to find interesting ways to photograph things.

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 19, 2010

Details of My Life – Week 18

Week 18 – “Bamboo Barrage”

Our backyard is full of bamboo. And crazy bamboo growing season has begun… these babies are full grown in just about 2 weeks.

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 19, 2010

Details of My Life – Week 17

Week 17 – “Step Repeat”

Our house is FULL of steps. Technically we have 3 floors in our house and I am constantly climbing steps to get somewhere. So this is my attempt at finding an interesting new way to show steps.

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 19, 2010

Details of My Life – Week 16

Week 16 – “Morgue”

Here’s another example of unfinished artwork. Story of my life…

Posted by: lezleelliott | May 18, 2010

Studio 54… I mean Studio LE!

I know I know it’s been WAY to long for me to not have written on here. It’s terrible really. I’ve just been SO busy! But I’m here for a quick update and I’ll have more time later to pick up where I left off on the inspiration blogs. I also need to get in gear and post my “Details” from the last month practically! I’m so behind!!!

Ok, well here’s some exciting news… I set up a studio space in my house!!!!!!! I’m so excited, I can’t even begin to tell you how pumped I am. It’s not big, but it’s so nice to have a place to put things and feel like I can sit down and get work done.

Here are some pictures from the new studio! This first one is basically coming upstairs, and the little “nook” that I’ve turned into the studio is more like a landing…

Here’s another picture, just for shiggles…

Here’s what inside the studio area looks like… though it ain’t much different from out on the stairs… haha

And lastly, a shot to make sure you know just how organized I am!

Well that’s it for now. I’ve got so much work to do, maybe I can tell you a bit when some of it gets done, but for now it’s “confidential”. Don’t you hate that?! Well… don’t let the anticipation kill ya… I’ll let the cat out of the bag soon!

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